Since infancy, we are exposed to a near constant stream of sensory data, informing our daily choices, perceptions, and our very sense of self – knowingly and at times unknowingly. In exploring the ever-evolving nature of communication (conscious/subconscious, apparent/subliminal), an awareness of the visual clues we receive helps us comprehend the language of culture. Many humans simultaneously decipher references and gesture coded for a subcultural identity: in language, fashion, music, locale. Multiple 'reads' or understandings are possible, as the individual's cultural background, experience, and personal identity factor into comprehension. This is exacerbated when previously unknown or 'taboo' lingo enters common parlance, further blurring lines between mainstream and alternative. What happens to language as a result? Is culture enriched? Are subcultures/individuality deemed irrelevant? Or do new forms of 'knowing' emerge

The navigation of personal perception is an ever-changing, ongoing experience. Here are some portals into mine.

Yon Hudson

June 2016

  In Da Club    2016, mixed media, 10 x 8"

In Da Club

2016, mixed media, 10 x 8"