candle set by Laird Hovland


candle set by Laird Hovland


Laird Hovland is an artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico,

who creates bronze and steel sculptures using geometric

formulas that resonate with the shapes of the cosmos.

With Beeline Candle Company, the sculptor pays

homage to nature’s masters of geometry, the bees. These

candles illuminate the components of sacred geometry in

100% pure beeswax. All Beeline Candle Company

candles are free of any dyes or artificial fragrance,

preserving the clean golden glow and nurturing scent,

gifted from the bee. As with Laird Hovland’s sculpture,

each candle is individually poured and finished by hand.

We hope you will enjoy these offerings from our noble partners,

the bees, and the hand of the artist.

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