Santa Fe Collective brings together the work of some really bright artists who are living and working in the high desert of Northern New Mexico. 

Jennifer Joseph

Jennifer Joseph is an artist, designer, occasional curator, and organizer of people, places, and things. 
Her visual art deals with chance, pattern, light, color and proliferations of unusual found objects and materials.
Trinket Company is her line of fun and pretty jewelry, which marries her refined aesthetic to cool materials like pearls, crystals, and the odd ethnographic treasure.  She is also the founder of Santa Fe Collective.  Her intention in doing so is two-fold: first, to make art accessible to people with an eye for the unique and to simultaneously create an income stream for her artist friends and herself.  She has been living and working in Santa Fe since 1991.  She is also a good cook.


Chris Collins

Chris Collins is an artist and artisan living in Santa Fe, NM.  An expert in the lost wax process, he is a prolific sculptor with multiple bodies of work that draw from such themes as play, nature, science and technology. Born and raised in Alabama, after completing a masters degree at  Memphis College of Art, he moved to Santa Fe.   A gifted gardener and observer of the natural world,  he formed Natureboy Studios to promote his line of cast bronze and aluminum pieces that are derived directly from the environment and are foraged on hikes in Santa Fe's awesome wide open spaces.


Edie Tsong/Radiant Animal

Edie Tsong is a visual artist, writer, and yoga instructor.  And a mom to a really cool kid.  Radiant Animal is her line of hand built ceramics and custom t shirts.  She is the founding director of Cut+Paste Society, a community of women writers and artists in the Santa Fe area, and the founding director of their project Snow Poems Project. Tsong is on the board of New Mexico Literary Arts and lives and works in Santa Fe, NM.


Yuki Murata/moderngoods

Yuki Murata's product design company, moderngoods, specializes in contemporary fine bone china tableware, some of which is hand-painted. She also makes other objects, sculptures and paintings; mostly in somber sleepy colors.  Yuki's heritage as a half Japanese woman informs her aesthetic and inspires her design and art.  Yuki's work emerges from an appreciation of the natural world and projects and elegant, refined, and subtle sensibility.

Yuki studied architecture at Yale and worked in an assortment of firms in California and New Mexico before returning east to get a master's degree. She studied industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design and then returned to New Mexico.  She and her husband designed and built a killer house out in the hills, and they have a pair of really gorgeous and hilarious kids.


Yon Hudson

Yon Hudson's creativity takes many forms.  He makes unique and custom clothing items from reclaimed couture and other vintage fabrics.  He is a founding member of the fashion and art collective, Tete de Veau.  He is also a sought-after DJ in Santa Fe, bringing a sophisticated and avant-garde vibe to all the good parties in town.  Yon's sensibility blends right now with design and musical influences from the last 50 or so years and makes manifest his voracious appreciation of and expertise in all things fabulous and smart.   Yon moved to Santa Fe in 1991 from points way north of here.  He also coined the phrase, "burning white hot."

Adam Rosen

Adam Rosen is a graduate from Skidmore College and Pratt Institute. He currently does custom metalwork and practices his tennis game. The focus of his current exploration is the male fetish. The idea of an object as a focus for meditation and thought. The process by which the objects are made is important and not concealed.  He strives to embellish and elucidate the transformative power of an aesthetic object.
The primacy of a physical response is important to the work so that further reflection gives the object a more personal definition. The fetishes are meant to be fun but also meaningful in some way, to some people, sometimes.


Lori Swartz

Lori Swartz is a metal smith, painter, writer and performer.  She works on jewelry in her home studio in Madrid, New Mexico, and shows her work around the country.  Here's what she has to say:

"Lie in the grass or on a sidewalk or on your roof.  Look at the sky.  Feel your boots laced tight around your calves.  Pile rocks.  Get dirty.  Take the t.v. antenna off your forehead.  Be where you are, even for a snap.  We are often lured by the fastest, cheapest, biggest.  We forget about authenticity.  Art takes time.  We live in a tamed environment.  We are taught there is value in canned, pre-packaged, foil-wrapped, zip-locked.  Maybe there are too many plastic things marketed as originals.  Maybe I just want people to tell their own stories."


Yes_Richard_Selfie2_2014_2_low.jpg copy.jpg

Richard Kurtz

Richard Kurtz is a painter of prizefighters, superheroes and seductive women. His work is in the collection of the de Young Museum, The Museum of Everything, the Clinton Foundation and has been shown at the Paris and NYC Outsider Art Fairs.  His paintings on discarded gift cards, hotel key cards and credit cards offer the collector original portable pocket art. Richard loves the ocean and to travel. 

"My playful style speaks for an inner child inside all of us. The child preserves myth and wonder, heroes and villains, in a world of violent manufactured control. My artwork serves as an alternative to a rigid system, a key for the shackles that bind us.You can see more of his artwork at

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Michael Namingha

Michael Namingha is a visual artist with a spare contemporary aesthetic who works in the medium of digital inkjet images printed on canvas and paper, as well as numerous types of installations. A keen observer of today's society, he creates a compelling mix of imagery and words commenting on modern interpersonal relations and popular culture. His ability to distill everyday conversational statements results in work that surprises and engages the viewer. He studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, where, in addition to creating artwork, he worked on projects for Hermes of Paris and Richardson Sadeki architecture firm.  Niman Fine Art, Basalt Gallery, Basalt, Colorado and Galerie Kamil, Monaco currently exhibit his work.  Michael is very active in the Santa Fe community, serving on many boards in addition to his service as an arts commissioner for the city of Santa Fe.  Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he is the youngest son of well-known contemporary artist Dan Namingha.


Molly Wagoner

Molly Wagoner is a photographer and mixed media artist based in Santa Fe, NM. The endless visual stimulation all around her has led to a variety of images, captured and created, revealing moments in time and reflections on the curiosities of the world. Her photographic arts span traditional to alternative process.

Inspired by traditional Tibetan Prayer flags, Molly has created a series of photo prayer flags.  They are made to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom.  It is believed that your prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread good will and compassion into space, therefore thought to bring benefit to all.  As the images fade from exposure to the elements, the prayers of the flag become a permanent part of the universe.  Molly is owner of Blue Koru Photo Works where she offers photographic services to artists and musicians, photography workshops, and showcases her photo works.

Rita Bard

My art is always about humans and perspectives. There are so many aspects to this that I work in series that focus on different viewpoints.  Megacats is the most recent set of images.To completely change your perspective can open the mind and can be very humbling. This method is used a lot in telling jokes but also has a place in philosophical meditations on the superiority and vanity of humans. I play with this idea in Megacats : In this world it's the humans who're insect like; tiny, annoying and everywhere.

I was born in Vine Grove Ky and currently live and work in Santa Fe, NM.
I studied glass art at  Staatliche Glasfachschule in Hadamar, Germany then worked as as a stained glass artisan for 15 years in Kentucky and New York.  In 2002 I received my BFA from Maine College of Art.
Since moving to Santa Fe in 2004 I have had solo shows at the Center for Contemporary Art and Box Gallery both in Santa Fe.In addition my work has been exhibited in many group shows including at the Museum of Art, Las Cruses, NM and Eight Modern, Santa Fe. My work was selected for the Texas National 2008, 2009 juried by Roger Shimmer and Mel Chin respectively. 

Conrad Skinner

Conrad Skinner, an architect in Santa Fe, NM, designs buildings, plays with furniture design and production and makes some art. Hes writing a history of the Paolo Soleri Amphitheater on the Santa Fe Indian School campus. 


Marion Wasserman

Marion Claire Wasserman was raised and educated in New York City at the Rudolf Steiner School. She attended Sarah Lawrence College and the Art Institute of San Francisco, for her BA - studying Eastern philosophy and art. Her roots as a painter have informed her sense of line and layer. Since working with the filmmaker, Godfrey Reggio on his third film in the Qatsi Trilogy, she has primarily worked in the medium of video/installation and digital images. Wasserman has been printing digitally on fabric over the last decade – making large transparent hangings, utilitarian objects such as pillows and eye pillows, large billboards, artivist’s packaging, and one unique datura Prius car cover. Her installations have included steel framing, printed linen floor lamps, a video tent and multiple crystal ball video players. Recently exploring the tactile malleability of ceramics she is currently making a series of raku tiles. An MFA candidate (2015) from Plymouth University at the Transart Institute, Wasserman lives in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico teaching yoga, making art and garden central to her life.


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Tom Appelquist

 Tom Appelquist practiced architecture in Philadelphia for 30 years before moving to Santa Fe. Now painting in a backyard studio his work shows a life long interest in drawing and color, and a love of the rich quality of oil paint.  Using pencil and oil-stick over many layers, the character of the scribble and the interaction of colors combine to bring the surface to life.

Thais Mather


Thais Mather is an installation artist from Santa Fe New Mexico. In order to support her art habit, and put herself through graduate school, she opened the T-shirt Company Santa Femous. She and her partner Todd Ryan White (also an artist) are now embarking on a new company Future Primitive Co., which includes psychedelic soaps, apocalyptic designs, and imports from Oaxaca Mexico.