Taking Back Orange

a juried group exhibition at Art.i.fact

Opens July 22, 2017

Over the course of the presidential election, the use of color to denote opposing teams and movements became very apparent.  Blue states/red states, pink hats, red hats. Color is highly effective as an easy symbolic device in these cases.  But when the color orange became a meme as a result of Trump’s misuse of self-tanner and hair dye, that’s when it became clear that we must re-appropriate the color orange and pay homage to its richness and complexity. 

We are accepting entries for 2D works (photography, painting, illustration, prints) with the following specifications:

work must be 12 x 12"

work must explore the color orange and all its nuances

work may not use images of Donald Trump

Deadline for submissions is JULY 1.

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