Why Santa Fe Collective.

Greetings from the land of dirt and sky.  Santa Fe, NM.  Land of legend, santos, enchantment, magenta sunsets, cowboys, Indians, low-riders, red or green, Kokopelli and the howling coyote.  Sometimes it's a magenta coyote.  And yet, and yet, there is a contemporary art community here.  Yes.  We exist.  Santa Fe Collective wants to show you that there is more going on in Santa Fe than what you would expect.

So why do this?

Two reasons why:

Santa Fe Collective creates an opportunity for artists to have another income stream that involves them in their creative process, rather than expending their energy doing things that don't engage them in the same way a creative project does.

Santa Fe Collective creates an opportunity for people to afford to buy unique, smart, handmade things, and it creates direct support to the artists who think up and make those things.