WOW people.

Last weekend we hosted the inaugural Santa Fe Collective POP UP gallery, and well, the lead up to that was totally crazy (so no blogging.)  We basically made it happen in 5 days!  We stayed up late!  We talked to a lot of people!  There was a kooky Japanese guy from Art Santa Fe! There was blood, sweat, tears, cursing and a little bit of drinking.  But it was WORTH IT.  We had a great turn out and a lot of enthusiasm--fuel for further explorations in this realm for sure!

I want to thank ALL the artists for putting their cool work out, and a special shout out to Peter Dent of Adobo Catering for gifting us with beautiful hors d'oeuvres, Yon Hudson for his fantastic musical sensibility, to Edie Tsong and Danielle Shelley for hanging out and chatting with people, and especially Chris Collins for being a badass.  It was a great moment of our community coming together.  I loved it, and ARTISTS GOT PAID.  That was the best part--paying the artists.  We're gonna do it again! 

photo 1.JPG